Professional Snapshot

Experience: Joined NPF in 2017; previously held positions as an Operations Analyst at J.P. Morgan (Collateral & Derivatives and Letter of Credit Finance)
Credentials: Chartered Market Technician® charterholder and has earned the right to use the Certificate in Investment Performance Measurement designation.
Memberships: CMT®, CIPM®
Education: BBA in Business Administration from Northwood University with a major in Entrepreneurship and minor in Management

Personal Insights

What do you enjoy most about being an Operations Manager?
My biggest drive or source of motivation is the notion that the relentless pursuit of knowledge will, at the very least, lead to an individual having achieved great things.

The part of my role that I enjoy most is that the quality and effectiveness of my work is a continuous challenge that is only limited by my ability to grow intellectually. Every day provides a new opportunity to refine and/or learn a new skill or field of study.

What was your journey to the investment world and NPF specifically?
I worked for several years leading automation and process efficiency via performance metric and statistical analysis while at J.P. Morgan. However, I desired a role where my actions had the potential to result in immediate monetary results, and I knew the best place for that was in financial markets – more specifically investment markets.

At that time in my life, my family was growing and I needed to obtain better work-life balance and find a firm that valued an employee’s ability to experience life outside of just work. The main areas of focus were to find an investment firm that would offer a culture that fostered continued learning and personal growth as well as support family life outside of the office.

What are the values that drive you in your professional and personal life?
The main driver in my personal and professional life is my family. I want to give them every opportunity to find what they are passionate about. I want to instill in them that hard work comes before success, and show them what you can achieve when you do something you love.

Another important driver is that I am a very dedicated and driven person. I care greatly about my quality of work and the consistency and dependability of my performance for my fellow colleagues and our firm.

What is your most unique or fulfilling achievement outside of work?
I knew early on my only chance of higher education was through academic achievement as I didn’t come from much. I put myself through private business college by earning academic scholarships/grants while working third shift full-time throughout college.

Where did you grow up and where do you live today?
Originally I grew up in New York on Long Island. As an adolescent, my family moved to a more rural city in mid-Michigan. I met my wife in that town at the start of my freshman year of high-school. I fell in love the moment I saw her. Our close friendship in high school turned into marriage with two beautiful children. We now reside in the greater Grand Rapids area.

What’s your favorite place or thing to do in West Michigan? Grand Haven is my favorite place in West Michigan; within Grand Rapids most specifically the Griffin’s hockey games are a family favorite as well as Harmony Brewing Company (the Margherita pizza is the best!).

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
I enjoy spending time with my wife and kids – playing outside, going to the lake for a beach day, home projects with my wife and trying out new restaurants. I also enjoy studying in my downtime, reading books on Technical Analysis, Programming in Python, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Algorithms for Trading.