Talent Report: Phoebe Risselade

Oct 13, 2022

Meet Phoebe Risselade

Please join NPF Investment Advisors in welcoming Phoebe Risselade to our team. Phoebe joined us August 29 in the position of Client Relations Manager, and she has been working closely with clients and advisors since day one.

Phoebe comes to NPF from another investment advisory firm, where she spent more than a year performing similar functions – meaning she was able to hit the ground running at NPF. Prior to that, she worked in insurance after graduating from Cornerstone University with a B.S. in Business Finance.

“I started out pursuing an exercise science degree but it became clear it was not for me,” she explains. “I knew I liked working with numbers and my dad was in finance, so I switched to that. I’m glad I did!”

Phoebe also developed finely honed people skills during her school tenure, serving as a resident advisor for her dorm. Listening, building relationships, promoting teamwork, mentoring students, resolving conflicts – they were all part of the job, and they have proved essential to her subsequent career. “To be honest, I’ve carried more of that experience forward with me than I have the classwork,” she says.

Born in the Grand Haven-Spring Lake area, Phoebe now resides in southeast Grand Rapids with her one-year-old cat, Jack. She’s a hard worker, on and off the job – in her free time, she’s juggling a bevy of home improvement projects (“It’s teaching me patience”), perfecting her golf game (she usually plays at Spring Lake Country Club with her father) and “really getting into cooking.”

She’s also reading her way through a book a week in 2022. (Obviously, she doesn’t lack for ambition.) She recommends the work of “Blink” author Malcolm Gladwell – “his insights into psychology opened a whole world to me” – and cites “The Midnight Library” by Matt Haig as a recent fiction fave.

Phoebe credits her parents for motivating her to succeed. “They were always super supportive,” she says. Just like she is to NPF clients.

Learn more about Phoebe here.


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