Your Journey

We are a team of highly experienced and credentialed investment advisors driven to serve clients and create value.

Integrated Services

We take a highly personal approach and ensure the delivery of complete and integrated services for one inclusive fee, including tailored planning, active investing and complete coordination across your financial life.

Tailored Planning: Your Blueprint

We enrich your life by executing smart, skillful planning to simplify complexities, achieve your goals and free your time to enjoy what matters most to you.

The most important element of the plan is you. That is why we take the time to sit with you to understand every aspect of your financial life: Retirement Income Planning, Tax Planning, Estate Planning, Charitable Giving and other essential areas. We then design a comprehensive and personal blueprint just for you.

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Active Investing:
Your Portfolio

At NPF Investment Advisors, we prioritize disciplined, research-based strategies for wealth enhancement through customized asset allocation.

We take full accountability for our decisions and avoid passive approaches or third-party outsourcing. With an active investment approach and our proprietary process, we carefully select the right stocks and bonds within the optimal allocation to create a tailored portfolio. Our goal is to safeguard and expand your wealth, empowering you with greater control over your financial future in today's volatile marketplace.

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Complete Coordination:
Your Concierge

At NPF Investment Advisors, we simplify your financial life by partnering with your accountants and legal advisors, acting as your dedicated concierge.

With complete transparency and open communication, we ensure a comprehensive and cohesive financial picture. As a private and independent firm, your success is the priority. We‘re here to free up your time, handle the complexities, and provide personalized guidance. Simplify your financial journey with us.

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One Inclusive Fee: Comprehensive Planning & Investment Management

We provide comprehensive planning, expert advice, and a diverse range of investments, all bundled together for one transparent fee.

Investors often find themselves subjected to dual layers of fees: one to their advisor and another on the funds they own. Over time, those extra fees can mean significant money out of your pocket and portfolio. Our transparent, one layer of fees includes investment management, comprehensive planning, and complete coordination. That means greater clarity, more confident investing, and more money saved.

First $2 Million 0.90%
Next $3 Million 0.75%
Over $5 Million 0.55%

*Related individual accounts may be pooled for purposes of calculating the investment management fee. Minimum Annual Fee $10,000

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1NPF fees are estimated based on the standard fee schedule rate of 0.90% on the first $2 million of assets under management. We have not included an additional layer of fund costs because we typically manage stock and bond portfolios that do not include the use of funds. We do offer management of funds in limited circumstances, when it is in the best interests of the client to do so. NPF fees do not include transaction costs, but most of our clients pay $2-$4.95 commissions when using a broker that we recommend.