for a Lifetime

Investment Philosophy

Our philosophy is centered on four key beliefs:

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Smart and successful investing means putting your wealth to work so you can live the life you want without worrying about market gyrations – time in the market beats timing
the market.

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This has been our craft for 88+ years and we build portfolios designed for a lifetime. We think  strategically for the long-term and measure success over many years, not just months, quarters or a
single year.

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Portfolios should be designed for your specific needs. Over the years, we’ve seen fads come and go, but we believe durable investment portfolios are designed from the ground up with investments that are easy  to understand and have long-term competitive advantages.

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The mix matters.
There seems to be an endless list of investment options to choose from, but we stick to direct ownership of stocks and bonds, not opaque investment products. We believe there is a home for both of these assets in a diversified portfolio.

Investment Approach

Our diligent approach has been developed and refined over 88+ years.

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Long-Term Partnership Our approach is to view investing as a long-term partnership in the success of a business and not just trading pieces of paper.

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Work & Patience
Finding great investments takes a lot of work and patience – similar to the process of buying and financing a home, our team puts in hours of diligence selecting and monitoring
the investments in our client portfolios.

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Active Management, Not Just “Set and Forget”
Finding good companies
is not enough - we strategically make investments in new
ideas and harvest profits when the time is right.

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Risk Awareness
We manage risk by knowing what we own and staying focused on the long-term value of an investment. When the market gets bumpy, we stay calm.

Our Strategies

Blue Chip Income

“Not your grandfather's dividend strategy”

  • Long-term total return objective (income + growth)
  • Typical investment holdings are well-established companies and are:
    • Committed to consistent and growing dividends
    • Focused on keeping their financial house in order
    • Leaders in their industry with an ability to grow

Core Growth

“Smartly riding the wave of opportunity”

  • Participating in the growing and advancing areas of the world
  • Willing to buy both emerging and well-established
    companies that:
    • Have a proven track record of success
    • Show a long runway for growth
    • Are run by strong management teams

ETF Allocation Strategy

“Active index-based approach”

  • Long-term investment in global stock markets
  • Index-based
  • Active decision-making
  • Tax-efficient

Fixed Income

“Boring for a reason”

  • More predictable returns and less risk than stocks
  • Individual bonds, we know what we own
  • Opportunistic purchase strategy, not a generic bond ladder
  • Tailored to your tax and withdrawal strategy