Fixed Income:

It’s all about the cash flow.

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Fixed Income Strategy

Strategy Overview

Our Fixed Income (FI) strategy aims to provide stable and predictable cash flows. We purchase investment-grade or near-investment grade securities (Municipal Bonds, Corporate Bonds, Preferred Stocks, Brokered CDs).

We select bonds that are attractive in different market cycles and match that with the tax, regulatory, cash flow, and risk tolerance parameters of our clients to build a custom portfolio.


Investment Focus

FI focuses on consistent cash flows and preservation of capital, while providing diversification and reduced volatility. We build custom fixed income bond portfolios and incorporate strategies bespoke to clients current needs, goal objectives, and risk tolerance.

We actively seek opportunities in the markets. Our disciplined culture seeks to provide adequate returns while keeping risks as low as possible.

Investment Philosophy

We strive to build bond portfolios for our clients that achieve long-term capital appreciation at a reasonable rate, while also protecting capital during the rising and falling tide of economic cycles.

We believe our clients have worked hard through their lifetimes to build wealth, and our job is first to protect that capital, and second, to enable that wealth to grow at a rate commensurate with the client’s risk tolerance.

Clients’ best
interests first.