Core Growth:

Long-term growth for patient investors.

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Core Growth Strategy
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Strategy Overview

Our Core Growth (CG) strategy supports a long-term goal of building wealth to support a family, achieve financial independence, or retire comfortably.

We focus on high-quality businesses with excellent growth opportunities. Our strong discipline on valuation and execution positions the Core Growth strategy for the potential to earn long-term returns greater than the market.


Investment Focus

NPF's Core Growth strategy is focused on delivering long-term capital appreciation at a reasonable level of risk. It is ideal for patient, disciplined investors who can tolerate short-term volatility while wealth accumulates over the course of a lifetime.

We focus on companies that deliver long-term sustainable growth and aim to deliver returns that beat the market over the long term.

Investment Philosophy

We strive to build equity portfolios for our clients that achieve long-term capital appreciation at a reasonable rate, while also protecting capital during the rising and falling tide of economic cycles.

We believe our clients have worked hard through their lifetimes to build wealth, and our job is first to protect that capital, and second, to enable that wealth to grow at a rate commensurate with the client’s risk tolerance.

Our 5 Tenets


Strong Earnings


Strong Financial Fundamentals


Superior Management


Appropriate Valuation


Improving Investor Demand

Our Process

We conduct our own in-house research and security selection from the bottom up.

This ensures that every stock owned by our Core Growth Income strategy has been thoroughly vetted by us, with a focus on high-quality businesses with strong management teams dedicated to maximizing returns.