Blue Chip Income:

Not your grandfather's dividend strategy.

Blue Chip Income Strategy
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Strategy Overview

Our Blue Chip Income (BCI) strategy is managed with a multi-year view. We believe the greatest benefits of this strategy accrue through an entire economic cycle and longer.

The companies we invest in are typically large, global “blue chips” with strong competitive positions in industries with above-average growth prospects.


Investment Focus

Blue Chip Income is an equity strategy aiming to offer superior risk-reward by investing in high-quality, wide-moat companies with growing cash flows and dividend income.

By sheltering investments against volatility, a hedge is provided against inflation. We focus on finding stable, established companies that are great stewards of shareholder wealth. Many of these companies have a consistent record of paying and increasing dividends each year.

Investment Philosophy

We strive to build equity portfolios for our clients that achieve long-term capital appreciation at a reasonable rate, while also protecting capital during the rising and falling tide of economic cycles.

We believe our clients have worked hard through their lifetimes to build wealth, and our job is first to protect that capital, and second, to enable that wealth to grow at a rate commensurate with the client’s risk tolerance.

Our 5 Tenets


Strong Earnings


Strong Financial Fundamentals


Superior Management


Appropriate Valuation


Improving Investor Demand

Our Process

We conduct our own in-house research and security selection from the bottom up.

This ensures that every stock owned by our Blue Chip Income strategy has been thoroughly vetted by us, with a focus on high-quality businesses with strong management teams dedicated to maximizing returns.