Talent Report: Dave Doppel

Apr 12, 2021

Welcome Dave Doppel

NPF Investment Advisors invites you to join us in welcoming Dave Doppel to our staff. Dave joined the firm in March 2021 as Operations Manager.

As our client base and managed assets have continued to expand, our back-end operations have become more complex and intensive. Dave is charged with ensuring that everything runs smoothly and unobtrusively. “I’m here to support the advisors and keep the wheels greased, basically,” he says. “Executing trades, maintaining software and databases, troubleshooting … really anything that supports our ability to serve clients.”

Dave brings a client-service perspective to his new position, following a five-year stint as a Principal Account Manager with USA Financial, where his primary responsibilities included client relationship management, trading and operations. Prior to that, he worked in risk management/trading for a number of different Forex brokers. (Forex involves exchanging one currency for another on the foreign exchange market – and it’s not for the faint of heart.)

Dave graduated from Aquinas College with a double major in business administration and music. He’s an accomplished guitarist, which has informed his approach to a financial career.

“As both a numbers guy and a music guy, I approach my job very analytically and precisely. At the same time, I’m good at improvising – thinking on my feet and adapting in the moment. That’s what I need to play guitar and it turns out to be what I need as Operations Manager.”

After focusing on institutional investors in his previous positions, Dave is grateful for the opportunity to serve individual investors at NPF. “My work here is more meaningful because I can see how it directly benefits our clients and their families. Everyone at NPF is very aware of the responsibility we have to build and maintain our clients’ trust and their wealth.”

Dave continues to deepen his knowledge of the industry and is currently working toward designation as a Chartered Financial Analyst® – a path that can span three years and 300+ hours.

He still manages to find time to put his music degree to use, in the music program at his church and an occasional gig with his Christian band. After growing up on the east side of Michigan, he now happily resides in Rockford with his wife and two children.

Learn more about Dave at npfinvest.com/team


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