Finding the Right Partner

Feb 11, 2022

Managing wealth is an ongoing journey that evolves and grows with you and your family. As your needs become more complex, it is essential to find a partner who puts your best interests first. Investment advisors are fiduciaries who are legally obligated to do exactly that.

An investment advisor can help you think through investment management, estates and trusts, tax mitigation, retirement, risk and insurance, educational needs of your family, charitable giving, and more. They can also create a comprehensive financial plan and investment strategy to help you achieve your immediate and ongoing goals, while keeping in mind the many unknowns that could arise throughout life.

Partnering with an advisor can help you chart, navigate and confidently take control of your financial life and future.

Broker or Advisor: What’s the difference?

Typical brokers do not give advice or create financial plans. They are licensed to sell products – and make product recommendations. When they push those products to clients, they are only held to a standard of care that applies at the time of the sale. Simply put, this means that the broker does not have the duty to provide follow-up monitoring of your investments to make sure they are matching up with your financial plan. In addition, a broker may recommend a product or investment vehicle in which it has a hidden business interest. For example, brokers often have revenue sharing agreements with major mutual fund companies, in which the broker agrees to recommend the mutual fund – and in exchange, the mutual fund kicks back part of its revenue to the broker.  As a result, the broker has a conflict between its own best interest – and yours.

An advisor must adhere to a fiduciary standard. That means 100% of their advice and recommendations must protect the best interests of the client. The fiduciary obligation is legal – and ongoing. Importantly, they provide objective, fee-based advice – a big advantage for clients looking for an unconflicted advisor they can trust to protect their assets at every stage of life.

Partnering with a fiduciary can give you the peace of mind that you and your family always come first.

Why is NPF the right partner?

NPF is an independent advisory firm – a fiduciary that has served and protected the best interests of clients since 1933. We are also a highly experienced and credentialed in-house team that blends our time-tested investment philosophy with our highly personal client-first approach.

We start by listening to you to understand your vision and create a plan tailored to your unique and evolving situation and goals. We then take a disciplined, research-based approach and ensure customized asset allocation to pursue those goals and help you navigate a changing and unpredictable marketplace. We also act as a concierge to coordinate your other advisors and simplify the journey.  

Partnering with NPF Investment Advisors can help you preserve wealth and fulfill your goals at every stage of life.

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